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US Virgin Islands

Xenia helped us to get our two children sleeping in a crib and twin bed when they were 18 months old and 3.5 years old. We had co-slept for their entire lives and I was extremely nervous about how it would go, since it was so different than what they were used to. From our first call, Xenia was so confident yet so kind and heart centered that I felt we were in good hands. She also gave us several choices in how we wanted to approach the training, and even though she’d often suggest a way she felt would be best, if I choose a different method she’d support me 100%. As a result of our training with Xenia our kids now go to bed awake and our now 4 year old son sleeps through the night, while our 2 year daughter wakes once to go potty (since we recently potty trained at night). We are so thankful for Xenia’s role in our lives, it has transformed our evenings, our sleep and our kiddos are much happier and calmer as a result. Thank you for explaining everything and showing how it affects all aspects of his and our life. This training, as afraid as I was to do it, is answering a prayer for me and also answering many questions I’ve had about raising children. We appreciate your help and guidance tremendously!



She is still sleeping 12hrs a night. Goes to bed so so easily and stays there all night! – even through transitioning out of diapers. It’s incredible! I can’t thank you enough. I’m so grateful that you helped me understand my child’s anxieties and then gave me the tools to help her relax and go to bed worry free. Thank you once again.


Los Angeles

My mother in law called it a miracle. That should give you some indication of what a dramatic change we saw in so little time. Our baby was never a great sleeper, waking at least 3 times a night, but when I went back to work he began waking up every hour and a half, EVERY NIGHT. We would feed and then rock to sleep, only to have him wake up once we put him down, repeating the rocking 6 to 10 times before he actually went down. At about 6.5 months I went on yelp and decided to get help. I found Xenia and emailed back and forth before starting the plan. She answered all my questions and concerns. What I found was someone who was really passionate about her work and who genuinely wanted to help. We made sure to follow all the pre-sleep routine plans. Within one day of starting the official sleep plan he was waking up only once a night and in 5 days time he was sleeping through the night. Xenia was there to answer all our questions. It’s been almost two months and he is still sleeping through the night. It’s amazing to see our son sleeping and getting the rest he needs and for that we are forever grateful.


Los Angeles

Working with Xenia has changed our life. I was losing my mind from the sleep deprivation after 4 years of terrible sleep with my son. He is now sleeping in his big boy bed without calling out to us at all over night. We are all so much happier and well rested!! I could not have done this without Xenia-tried on my own for 4 years. My only regret is not finding her earlier.


Santa Clarita

We’re on our 4th night of sleep training and tonight I put Evie down in her crib after singing a song, and she didn’t make a peep! She laid there for a few minutes staring into space, then rolled over and fell asleep. 5 nights ago I was a human pacifier and nobody was sleeping – I’m still in shock. Her naps have gone from 45 minutes each (and she’d only take 2 naps on a good day) to almost 2 hours each!! We had to wake her up from a nap today! Unreal. I haven’t slept this much in over a year! Xenia worked with my attachment parenting style and came up with a plan that I was comfortable with. I’m a co-sleeping, crunchy mama but it was getting questionable if I should be driving a car, I was so sleep-deprived. So thankful I sought professional help. I highly recommend Xenia!


Granada Hills

My son slept pretty well from 6-11 months and then out of nowhere hit a bedtime strike! Every night was a battle and my husband and I were constantly losing. After reading about sleep regressions I came across a FB post mentioning Xenia’s service, talk about perfect timing. Xenia is so great and really educates you on the process of sleep training. After 2 nights our little guy was back to sleeping 12 hours at night, and now naps consistently in his crib. You forget what good sleep feels like until you get it back – it’s a whole new world and we have Xenia to thank!


Redondo Beach

Before Xenia our 14 month slept a total of 12-13 hours total. Now she’s sleeping 14 hours-15 hours and has learned to self soothe. Our Little one is also in a much better mood! She also taught me how to sleep train for naps. Before Xenia, I would have the baby fall asleep in my arms for naps.Now our baby can fall asleep on her own for naps. Xenia made it easy and painless! Xenia helped me with a sleep schedule and gave tips on how to get our LO to sleep longer, naps and at night. I highly recommend Xenia for sleep training. We will be using her again when we switch to 1 nap and for next baby. Thank you Xenia


Thousand Oaks

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Xenia and her sleep program! I am finally enjoying motherhood because my little one is sleeping well and waking up rested- and that means I am too! I used to think our son was a bad sleeper which isn’t true at all, he is a wonderful sleeper he just needed the skills to self sooth and Xenia made that possible for us. I highly recommend her to any of you tired mommies out there- you need to give this a shot! I cannot put a price on what this has done for us. Thank you!!!


Las Vegas

We got ourselves a sleeper! I loved bed sharing with me daughter, but my husband didn’t. He slept on the couch for 9 months while I co-slept with my daughter. Finally, I reached out to Xenia to get help. Not only to break my daughters habits, but my own. There were some tears, but the first night she slept 12 hours with minimal wakings! It was glorious! We have a schedule now and we all sleep through the night. Very happy we got Xenia’s help!



Xenia is such a gift to parents! Before contacting Xenia, my 4 month old refused to nap anywhere but his swing and woke up several times in the middle of the night. I knew my baby wasn’t getting the sleep he needed and after I exhausted all of my efforts (and failed), I decided to contact Xenia. Xenia was so sweet, informative, and helpful. She guided me throughout the entire process and I was blown away at how quickly our son adapted to the changes! On the first night of working with Xenia, our baby slept in his own crib for the first time, with minimal tears! Within just a couple of days, he was also taking long naps in his crib… something I was never able to do make him do before! Listen… if you are struggling with your child’s sleep, PLEASE do yourself (and your child) a favor and contact Xenia! I cannot recommend her enough to other parents. She has an extremely gentle approach and customizes everything to your child’s needs. She makes you feel 100% at ease and communicates with you every step of the way. Thanks to Xenia, Colton, our son, sleeps an average of 12 hours each night and takes consistent naps each day. It’s amazing being able to kiss him goodnight, put him in his crib, and watch him fall asleep on his own within minutes. No crying, no fussing, just a happy boy every time he wakes up! A happy and well rested baby means happy and well rested parents. We can’t thank you enough, Xenia.


Santa Clarita

Xenia saved my sanity! Through her attentive sleep training methods my 5 month old began taking routine naps and sleeping through the night! Before working with Xenia, my son (William) was milk- dependent to fall asleep. He would take short 15-30 naps a few times a day. He would wake up crying and still fussy. At bedtime William wanted to be held until he fell asleep. He would wake up a couple times each hour through most of the night and would need a pacifier to soothe back to sleep. Between sleepless nights, my job, and a 2.5 yr old, I was drained both physically and emotionally. I’m incredibly grateful for Xenia’s knowledge, patience, and dedication to her clients. After working with Xenia for a couple weeks, William learned how to self-soothe. He started taking 3 naps a day (the first nap of the day was usually 1.75-2hrs long) AND sleeping through the night with only 1 late night feeding. The gift of time was given to me by Xenia! Through Xenia’s methods, I now had time to sleep, time to give my toddler undivided attention, time to spend with my husband, and time for self-care! Please let Xenia offer you the peace of mind that sleep training methods are effective and your baby will thrive with extra sleep. This review is long overdue! William is now 8 months old and continues to sleep peacefully! Thank you!


Los Angeles

I am a mommy to a little boy named Mateo, our journey at the beginning was rough. Mateo was a colicky baby and never slept. I always thought he would just grow out of his bad Sleeping habits but of course that never happens and that was wishful thinking. My cousin told me about her friend who was the sleep training and I seriously have never heard of such a thing but I am so glad I looked into it. I went on Xenia’s Instagram And seen all her amazing stories and I looked at people’s comments and was amazed about the wonderful things they were saying. My whole family knew how desperate I was for sleep it literally changed me as a mom where I just felt almost depressed all the time because I was not getting any sleep and my son was waking up every 20 to 30 minutes throughout the night. Honestly I noticed a difference with Mateo maybe the second or third day. I can’t believe doctors couldn’t help me and I was so relieved that someone understood what I was going through and was able to guide me in the right direction so that my son and I both can get the sleep that we needed. Now we are about two weeks in and he is doing amazing and sleeping through the night. If there are any mommies out there struggling to find a way or doubt that no one could help them then I promise you this experience will be life-changing.